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Welcome to the Tax Insights Podcast! In these five-minute talks, Jeff Dvorachek breaks down complex tax topics into bite-size how-to’s. Play an active role in reducing your tax liability and listen in today. Catch the latest episodes here or wherever you listen to podcasts.


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Start Taking Required Minimum Distributions From Retirement Plans

Podcast: When Do I Need to Start Taking a Required Minimum Distribution from My Retirement Plan?

As we will talk about this week and next week, contributing to retirements plans is a great way to provide ...
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Tax Insights Podcast

Podcast: Tax Implications of Selling a House

When interest rates were lower, we saw a lot of people selling their homes. So much so that the housing ...
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What You Need To Know About Form 1099k Podcast

Podcast: What You Need to Know About Form 1099K

There has been a lot of talk about changes in Form 1099 reporting for 2022 that might result in you ...
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Individual Tax Planning For 2022 Podcast

Podcast: Individual Tax Planning for 2022

Last week we talked about business tax planning for the end of the year. This week, I want to talk ...
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Business Tax Planning For 2022 Cover

Podcast: Business Tax Planning for 2022

Now that the election is over, it looks like we will have divided government in Washington for the next couple ...
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2023 Inflation Adjustments

Podcast: 2023 Inflation Adjustments

We all know that inflation over the past year or so has not been good for our pocketbooks, but there ...
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Can I Claim A Casualty Loss

Podcast: Can I Claim a Casualty Loss?

Today I want to talk about the tax impact from personal casualties, disasters and thefts. What we will talk about ...
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Irs Warning On The Employee Retention Credit Podcast

Podcast: IRS Warning on the Employee Retention Credit

We have talked in the past about the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). Now you can’t listen to the radio without ...
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Tax Changes For 2022 And 2023 Podcast

Podcast: Tax Changes for 2022 and 2023

Later in the year, we will talk about tax planning items for 2023, but today I just wanted to give ...
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Cost Segregation Studies

Podcast: Cost Segregation Studies

Cost segregation studies can be a great way to accelerate depreciation and save taxes today rather than waiting for years ...
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