Inspiring Future CPAs: Lisa Cribben Speaks at UWGB’s Accounting Students Association CPA Luncheon

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Written by Heather Notbohm

June 11, 2024

Lisa Cribben is a Partner at Hawkins Ash CPAs and a UW-Green Bay alumna. She recently served as the keynote speaker at UWGB’s CPA luncheon on April 25th, sharing her expertise and passion for the accounting profession with students.

In her engaging speech, Lisa dispelled the common notion that accounting is boring, instead highlighting the many exciting and rewarding aspects of an accounting career.

“Forensic accounting is another interesting area. You know, like when you think about working for the CIA, somebody might like accounting, but also want to have that exciting job. You can do that too with an accounting degree.”

Lisa went on to describe the diverse array of opportunities available to accounting graduates, from tax advisory to business valuations and mergers & acquisitions. She emphasized how technological advancements have transformed the field, providing greater access to data and enabling deeper analysis to drive better decision-making.

Throughout her speech, Lisa encouraged students to get involved – whether through professional organizations, community groups, or campus activities – as these experiences can enrich their personal and professional growth. She also stressed the importance of stepping out of one’s comfort zone to pursue fulfilling careers aligned with their passions.

“I know everybody thinks it’s boring and it can be, right? But it also can be very exciting. It is what you make it, and there’s lots of opportunities out there.”

Lisa’s genuine enthusiasm for accounting and her first-hand insights into the exciting trajectories this versatile degree can enable left a lasting impression on attendees. Her speech was a powerful reminder that accounting is indeed a dynamic, multifaceted field brimming with possibilities for those willing to embrace them.

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