Housing Authorities

Understanding the unique reporting for the authorities and government requirements

Since 1968, our firm has built a strong reputation with housing authorities throughout the U.S. We strive to understand the unique reporting for the authorities and government requirements. Our team is built of professionals working on accounting services and audit, two separate engagements for clients.

Our accounting services, fee accounting, for housing authorities include, general ledger, financial accounting, tenant accounting, accounting assistance, and a variety of other services. There are also consulting services for budgets, operating subsidy, year-end reporting and financial statement review. We also offer a variety of seminars and training programs. Visit our services page for a full listing.

Our audit team has an increased depth in performing engagements with housing authorities and completed these nationwide with efficiency, cost-effectiveness and precision. This provides you with audits, financial direction, and guidance in running a successful housing authority.

Trust our experience with your monthly fee accounting, training, consulting, REAC submissions, payroll services, financial statements and so much more.


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