Fee Accounting

Helping improve profitability and efficiency

Since 1968, Hawkins Ash CPAs has provided accounting, auditing, and consulting services to more than 150 Public Housing Authorities throughout the U.S. These housing authorities administer a wide variety of programs including Rural Development, WHEDA, Block Grant, Public Housing and Section 8 programs.

As their partner, we have provided specific recommendations for improving efficiencies, procedures, and profitability, as well as strengthening management procedures and control. Our specialized staff has the training and experience to provide accurate and timely service to ensure our clients meet all deadlines and HUD/REAC financial reporting requirements.

Tenant Accounting

  • Post tenant transactions
  • Report tenant balances
  • Report rent to be collected
  • Report move-ins and Move-outs
  • Report tenant rental history
  • Daily operations statements
  • Tenant billings statements
  • Report interest earned on security deposits
  • Apply interest earned on security deposits
  • Annual report of total rent charged to tenants
  • Prepare cash receipts register
  • Report security deposit balances
  • Report delinquent tenants
  • Report inactive tenants
  • Report tenants with a credit balance
  • Analytical tenant register

General Ledger and Financial Accounting

  • Prepare cash receipts register
  • Prepare journal voucher register
  • Post cash receipts, disbursements, accounts payable, and journal vouchers to general ledger
  • Post payroll disbursement register
  • Compute monthly costs per unit
  • Prepare cash disbursements register
  • Compute “P.I.L.O.T”
  • Prepare financial statements
  • Budget comparison
  • Fixed asset schedules

Accounting Assistance

  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Maintain investment register
  • Maintain insurance register
  • Prepare interest accruals on notes and bonds
  • Prepare operating budgets
  • Reconcile tenant accounts receivable and security deposit balances to control accounts
  • Maintain depreciation schedules
  • Convert financial statements to GAAP compliance
  • Reconcile liability accounts
  • Prepare financial reports
  • Prepare operating subsidy forms
  • Submit online financial data schedule (REAC-audited and unaudited submissions)
  • Payroll reports


Our long history with Housing Authorities ensures we are qualified to provide advice and expert services that save time, money, and resources. Our experienced professionals are ready to help.

Seminars and Training

Our professionals are a sought-after source of opinions and knowledge on Housing Authority accounting. We offer training seminars and one-on-one training on a range of topics including operating budgets, reporting requirements, auditing, and more. If you would like to be notified of our upcoming training seminar, please e-mail your interest to Angie Campbell.


Angie Campbell, Principal, Housing Division | 608.793.3140