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1095Hawk service starts at $440

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1095Hawk Package Pricing

Choose between competitive pricing (A) or complete service (B)

Pricing For:

Package A

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Package B

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1 – 50 1095-B forms $440

Add .99 cents per form

1 – 50 1095-C forms $925
51 – 100 forms $1,100
101 – 150 forms $1,270
151 – 300 forms $1,500
301 – 500 forms $1,735
501 – 1000 forms $2,205
1001 – 2000 forms $3,045
2001 – 3000 forms $4,335
3001 – 4000 forms $5,610
4001 – 5000 forms $6,930
5000+ forms Contact us for quote

Multiple EIN’s as part of an aggregate group add $660 per additional EIN.

State filing and form completion – by quote.

Comparison of Providers

Self-insured or fully insured employers will benefit from this affordable service. Compared to other ACA reporting services available today, 1095Hawk is by far the best value for complete service.

Pricing For: 1095Hawk Best Value ACA Reporting Service ADP
100 forms 
1,000 forms 
5,000 forms
$3,000 - $3,600
$4,500 - $6,000
$8,500 - $10,800
1095-C form; lines 14, 15 and 16 determination Yes Yes Yes
Electronic filing with the IRS Yes Yes Yes
Forms completed by CPAs Yes No No
Three form delivery options Yes No No
Payroll services available Yes No Yes
Compatible with any payroll/HR system Yes Yes No
Handles mid-year insurance renewals Yes ? ?
Handles age-rated, gender-rated premiums Yes ? ?
Stand-alone service Yes Yes No

Easy 3-Step Process

Our unique process was transformed into 1095Hawk.

Step 1

Enter Employer Information

Step 2

Import Employee Census

Step 3

Complete all required additional information for employees with special situations

And Done.

An ACA expert reviews your information and prepares your forms for you.

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What our clients are saying

“We had a great experience. During a time that was incredibly stressful for all involved, we were given confidence by your team that all deadlines would be met.”
“The services I received were awesome and I was so thankful. This was a totally new process and it was handled so smoothly. Really set my mind at ease through the whole thing.”
“Your service was excellent. Your staff was outstanding to work with and made the process very simple and quick.”

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With 1095 Hawk, 90 percent of the work is completed in just three easy steps. Request more information and a no-obligation quote.

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1095 Census (data collection form)

1095 Census Database (import census data)