Business Advisory Services


Business Advisory Services

Insight for turning “what could be” into “what is”

Our employees are consultants providing solutions to help clients advance their businesses. Hawkins Ash CPAs assist individuals and organizations with the ever-growing complexities of running a business. Achieving profit and growth requires planning, focus, attention to detail, and clear communication. From the right accounting software choices to the proper management of the human side of your business, we provide the insight for turning “What Could Be” into “What Is.”

Strategic Planning

We meet with owners or various team members of an organization, determine the short and long-term goals, and then derive the changes needed to achieve those goals. Our work does not stop with a plan outline on a shelf collecting dust. We actively work with management to monitor progress on various target points through meetings, consultations, and quarterly check-ins.

Financial Forecasts And Projections

Your financial statements show you where your organization has been, but let us give you a glimpse of what you can expect and a road map for making that a reality. We will work with you to predict what will happen based on what we know today and what’s in store. We can take our forecasting further by setting up key performance indicators to help monitor and track your daily/weekly progression toward your goals.

Cam Charges

For those who own and operate commercial real estate, we assist with calculating common area maintenance (CAM) expenses. These standard costs include administrative fees, maintenance, real estate taxes, insurance, etc., and are usually incurred by tenants, paid for by the owner, but reimbursed by the tenant.

Depreciation Optimization

Each year, our tax specialists look at your depreciation schedule, current year acquisitions, and current year disposals to determine the optimized amount of depreciation expense given the situation. We seek to help make your assets work in the best interest of you and your business while minimizing your tax bill.

Merger/Acquisition Assistance

Our team works for you to provide our sellers with the highest after-tax proceeds and our buyers with the best purchase price allocations for future tax write-offs. This approach often helps build consensus and bring negotiating parties closer to a mutually beneficial agreement. The process includes maximizing after-tax proceeds with transaction tax planning, exit strategy analysis, putting companies in a sellable position, and buyer consulting.

Financing Assistance

We appraise your operational data, evaluate business performance and ensure that sufficient funds are available to finance short-term and long-term projects. The result is an assessment of the operating performance and a recommendation of adequate strategies for your business.

Business Valuations

We perform business valuations for privately-owned companies to determine their value for various needs. Value determinations are typical for the following reasons:

  • Gifting programs/gift taxes
  • Estate taxes
  • Divorce
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Charitable contributions
  • Disruption of a business
  • Dissenting shareholder
  • Actions/partner disputes
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Succession planning

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Succession Planning

Having an effective exit plan is simply good business. The sale or transfer of a business is a significant financial event and one that unfolds differently for every business owner. Our CPAs have guided numerous professionals through this process, allowing a smooth transition of company ownership. We will help you outline and achieve your personal financial goals before exiting your business.

Human Resource Consulting

Our human resources team can assist various businesses, organizations, and industries with every aspect of human resource services and compliance issues. We can aid with your policies, procedures, employee manuals, or compliance with the latest requirements passed into law.


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