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Client Portal Login

If you have trouble utilizing the above form to log in, please visit https://www.clientaxcess.com/ and log in directly on the portal website. 
Interested in getting set up with the portal?
Contact your Hawkins Ash CPAs associate and ask!

Easy Access to Your Accounting Team

You use online tools and mobile devices to easily connect with friends and family. Connecting with your accounting team should be just as simple. To provide the swift service you expect, we’re happy to offer you the CCH Axcess Portal. Here’s what your upgraded portal provides:

  • A fresh, easy-to-use interface with no plug-ins required
  • 24/7 access to your tax returns and financial statements on your favorite devices, including desktop and notebook PCs or Macs, tablets, and smartphones
  • A simple drag-and-drop interface for uploading files from a desktop computer
  • The ability to take photos with your smartphone or tablet, and then upload the images to your portal
  • Secure, end-to-end encryption of all files transmitted and stored in your portal


Convenient access, anytime, any device

With your portal, whether you want to locate last year’s tax return or need to urgently send your accountant a file as deadlines draw near, you can do so on any device, at any time, from anywhere you have an active Internet connection.

If you ever forget your portal password, click the Forgot Password? link on the login page to request a new password.

For your convenience, we’ve included a few resources to help you get started with your new portal:

You can view a short Getting Started video to familiarize yourself with the basics of using the portal.

Download the client portal help guide here.

Learn how to log in using two-step verification here.

After logging in to the Client Axcess Portal, there is a Help system, which can walk you through common scenarios such as sending (uploading) or receiving (downloading) files and setting up users. Click on your name in the upper right corner and select Help from the menu.