Nonprofit Financial Management Fundamentals

Nonprofit Financial Management Fundamentals

Written by Brittany Leonard

February 9, 2024

Sharpen your nonprofit management and accounting skills. Our nonprofit audit and accounting professionals walk you through the fundamentals of crucial nonprofit accounting topics during each session. Nonprofit accountants, board members, and management personnel would benefit from these training sessions. 


Video 1 Topics

[Recording date 12/6/2022]

  • Leases
  • In-kind Contributions
  • Recording Contribution and Grant Revenue
  • Functional Expense Allocations
  • Board Member Responsibilities

Video 2 Topics

[Recording date 1/26/2024]

  • Capital Campaigns and Unconditional Promises
  • Revenue Recognition for Grants and Contributions
  • Endowments
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Brittany Leonard
I am a Partner for Hawkins Ash CPAs. I focus on providing audit services to tax credit projects, educational agencies, municipalities, nonprofit organizations, commercial enterprises, and housing authorities.

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