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Donor Acknowledgements: A Great Way to Build Donor Relationships and Fulfill IRS Requirements

For many nonprofit organizations, donor contributions are a significant source of their revenue. It is important to send donor acknowledgment,
Nonprofit Connection November

How to Accept and Record In-Kind Gifts

Your nonprofit organization may receive contributions in the form of nonfinancial assets, which are goods and services received at no
ASC 842 lease standard

ASC 842 Lease Standard: Understanding the Impact on Not-for-Profit Financial Statements

Now that most not-for-profit organizations have implemented the new lease standard (ASC 842), it is a good time to look
related party disclosures

Understanding Related Party Disclosures: A Guide for Not-for-Profit Organizations

At some point during a not-for-profit organization’s audit, the auditor will likely ask for information pertaining to any known related
Family Promise of Ozaukee County

Client Feature: Family Promise of Ozaukee County

Since 2015, Family Promise of Ozaukee County has helped those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness. Throughout the
Current Expected Credit Loss

Current Expected Credit Loss (CECL)

ASU No. 2016-13 – Financial Instruments – Credit Losses, will be effective for entities with reporting years beginning after December
charged with governance

Communications With Those Charged With Governance

The audit is complete, the audit report says the financial statements “present fairly”, so that’s that. You don’t have to
non-profit status

7 Ways to Lose Your Non-Profit Status

Non-profits work very hard to gain 501(c)3 status. Once received there are several things that a 501(c)3 (organization) should avoid