QuickBooks Connect Roundtable Q&A

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Written by Monica Hauser

December 13, 2018

In September, Hawkins Ash CPAs held a QuickBooks Roundtable webinar. This article contains questions asked by participates pertaining to accounts receivable, as well as the answers that were provided.


Is there a way to dump a statement into a download instead of always printing? Yes. When you select print, click on the dropdown arrow next to the printer and select Adobe PDF. This will open a file for you. Select the appropriate location you want it downloaded to, name the file, and select print.


What is the best way to match deposits to accounts? I have had QB match bank deposits to the wrong account. Under Edit, select Preferences. On the left, click on Payments and then the Company Preferences tab. Unchecking “Automatically apply payments” will help in this situation.


How do I template an invoice we send out monthly? There are two ways to accomplish this. Depending on what you need will depend on which method to use:
  1. When you are in the Create invoices window, create the recurring invoice on your screen, then click on Memorize at the top. In the How Often dropdown menu, choose Monthly. Click OK.
  2. Back in the invoice, in the upper right corner, click on Create a Batch. In the Batch Invoice window, choose all the customers who should receive this invoice, and click Add. By holding down the Shift key, multiple customers can be selected at one time. In the upper right corner, a name can be added to describe this group of customers. Click Next. The date can be set, and the appropriate invoice template can be selected. Once this is determined, the items and quantities of each can be selected. Click Next. QuickBooks will then generate the invoice needed for all the selected customers. Click Create Invoices to finish the process.


How do you get in the back of QuickBooks to adjust pricing? In the Item List, click on Activities at the bottom of the window. There is an Activities dropdown menu – choose Change Item Prices. Choose the appropriate Item Type from the dropdown. Check the item that needs updating and enter the new price in the New Price column. There is also the option to select multiple items and adjust the price by an amount or a percentage. Just complete the fields in the lower part of the window. Click OK and everything should be updated.


We have the recorded sessions that focus on Accounts Receivable and Year-End posted on our website. Click below to listen to these interactive educational sessions.

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