Verifying Data in QuickBooks

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Written by Renee Kabat

September 23, 2020

Verify Data is a QuickBooks utility that can determine whether or not your data file has become corrupted. Verifying data also keeps your software running smoothly.

Common reasons to use the Verify Data feature include:

  • Discrepancies on reports, such as invoices or bills that post with a negative value
  • Fatal errors
  • Balance Sheet not showing all accounts or being out of balance
  • Transactions missing
  • Names missing from lists

If any of these situations occur, the Verify Data utility should be run.

  • From the File drop-down menu, choose Utilities > Verify Data.
    • If you have open windows, QuickBooks will need to close these.
    • When asked, “Do you want to continue?” click Ok.
  • If the Verify Data completes with the message, “QuickBooks has detected no problems with your date,” the data is good.
  • If the Verify Data completes with the message, “Verify Results: Errors you can fix by rebuilding your data” you should Rebuild the file.

To rebuild the file:

  • From the File drop-down menu, choose Utilities > Rebuild Data.
    • QuickBooks will prompt you to make a backup copy of the file. The Rebuild will start as soon as the backup is complete.
  • When the Rebuild process has finished, the message, “Rebuild has completed” will appear.
  • You can then choose View Issues or Close.
  • Most issues can be resolved with the Rebuild Data Utility.

If you are condensing your QuickBooks file, remember to run Rebuild prior to condensing the file; make sure there are no errors prior to condensing.

Verify Data and Rebuilding the file cannot always fix all the issues. For more assistance contact your Hawkins Ash CPAs QuickBooks consultant.


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Renee Kabat
I joined the Hawkins Ash CPAs La Crosse, WI, office in 2012. As an associate, I process payroll, payroll taxes, quarterly tax filings and financial statements. I am a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor and provide QuickBooks support to new and current clients.

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