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Welcome to the Tax Insights Podcast! In these five-minute talks, Jeff Dvorachek breaks down complex tax topics into bite-size how-to’s. Play an active role in reducing your tax liability and listen in today. Catch the latest episodes here or wherever you listen to podcasts.


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Employee Retention Credit (ERC) Qualification Caution and Expert Guidance

PODCAST: Be Cautious on the Employee Retention Credit (ERC)

Welcome to the latest episode of Tax Insights, where we explore the Employee Retention Credit (ERC). Discover the qualifying criteria, ...
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Don't Panic What You Need To Know About Facing A Tax Audit Cover Web

PODCAST: Don’t Panic What You Need to Know About Facing a Tax Audit

Have you ever wondered what triggers a tax audit? From red flags to random selection, it's not always clear why ...
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Charitable Giving Cover

PODCAST: Strategies for Charitable Giving and Tax Benefits

With the higher standard deduction, receiving a tax benefit for charitable giving requires more planning. In this episode, tax partner ...
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Overall Tax Planning Advice For Businesses Cover

PODCAST: Overall Tax Planning Advice for Businesses

If you operate a gig business on the side, your personal and business finances can quickly become a knotted mess ...
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Tax Planning Advice For Individuals

PODCAST: Overall Tax Planning Advice for Individuals

If you filled your 2022 tax return and you're not satisfied with the outcome, now is the time to start ...
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Different Types Of Business Entities Podcast Cover

PODCAST: Different Types of Business Entities

As a business owner, you can choose among a variety of structures for operating your business. The business structure you ...
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All About Llcs Limited Liability Companies Youtube Cover

Podcast: All About LLCs

As a small business owner, selecting the correct business structure is an exciting task, but it doesn't come without challenges ...
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Business Owe Tax to another state

Podcast: Does Your Business Owe Tax to Another State

If your product enters another state or you have a remote employee working in another state. You may have a ...
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Hiring Family Members

Podcast: Hiring Family to Maximize Your Businesses Tax Savings

In these 5 minutes, Jeff Dvorachek, a tax partner, explores the various ways hiring a child; or spouse can maximize ...
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Where Is My Refund Tax Podcast Cover

Podcast: Where Is My Refund?

After you have filed your 2022 tax return, the IRS states that 9 out of 10 refunds will be issued ...
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