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Welcome to the Tax Insights Podcast! In these five-minute talks, Jeff Dvorachek breaks down complex tax topics into bite-size how-to’s. Play an active role in reducing your tax liability and listen in today. Catch the latest episodes here or wherever you listen to podcasts.


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Life Insurance

Independent Contractor vs. Employee: Podcast

Many small and medium sized businesses face the issue of when someone is an employee and when they are an ...
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Property Tax Template Order

Podcast: The Taxability of Social Security

As the Baby Boomers become eligible for Social Security benefits, many are confused on how Social Security is taxed on ...
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Limited Partnership

Podcast: When to Take Social Security

As the Baby Boomers become eligible for Social Security benefits, many are trying to decide if it is best to ...
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Bonus Depreciation

Podcast: Depreciation

If you own a small business or rental property, you are certainly aware of the concept of depreciation. For those ...
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Itemized Deductions

Podcast: Pass-Through Business Deduction for Qualified Business Income

This is one of the largest and most complex parts of the TAX CUTS AND JOBS ACT OF 2017. It ...
Charitable Contributions

Podcast: Changes to the Charitable Giving Deduction

One of the unintended consequences of the increased standard deduction was that many people who received a tax deduction for ...
Federal Overtime Rules

Podcast: Standard Deduction vs. Itemizing

In December of 2017, the President signed into law what is called the TAX CUTS AND JOBS ACT OF 2017 ...

Podcast: New (But Temporary) Income Tax Brackets

As part of the TAX CUTS AND JOBS ACT OF 2017, the IRS made temporary changes to the individual tax ...

Podcast: Explanation of Child Tax Credit Changes

The child tax credit received some big changes as a result of tax reform. The “TAX CUTS AND JOBS ACT ...

Podcast: How Individuals and Businesses Are Affected by Tax Reform

In this introduction to Tax Reform, we provide an overview of the big changes individuals and businesses can expect. In ...
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