Employee Retention Credit Calculation Services

Employee Retention Credit Calculation

Written by Aaron Boettcher

July 6, 2021

Does your company qualify to receive the Employee Retention Credit?

Any company with employees that was shut down or partially shut down due to COVID-19 or experienced a significant decrease in gross receipts from the prior year’s quarter qualifies. Typical industries include entertainment venues, bars and restaurants, and any non-essential business like golf courses, banks, hospitality, and retail facilities. Businesses affected by the government-ordered shutdown of suppliers also qualify.

How your company can benefit from our service.

Depending upon the year, the Employee Retention Credit is a refund of wages paid up to 50 percent or $5,000 per employee per year in 2020 or up to 70 percent of wages or $7,000 per employee per quarter. The dollars can accumulate very quickly even if you have a small employee group. We recently assisted a client with less than 20 employees receive a $79,000 credit just in 2020; the first quarter for 2021 saw over $100,000.

Employee Retention Credit (ERC): Quick Reference Guide


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Let us do the heavy lifting!

The Hawkins Ash CPAs professionals analyze your gross revenue for each quarter in 2019 compared to the similar quarter in 2020 and 2021 to determine if the gross revenue test is met. If the gross revenue test is not met, we look to local, state or government orders that restricted the business operation. If the quarter qualifies, all wages can qualify as long as the business employs less than 100 full-time employees in 2020 or less than 500 employees in 2021.

In order to substantiate the credit, clients should be prepared to provide our team with the following documentation:

  • Quarterly revenues
  • Payroll records by pay quarter and possibly by pay period
  • Copies of filed quarterly 941’s
  • Copies of any PPP loan forgiveness applications, including any wages, used to substantiate the forgiveness
  • Totals of health insurance paid on behalf of the employees is also used to increase the credit
  • A listing of health insurance premiums the company paid for each employee
  • Copies of any government shut down orders from federal, state or local jurisdictions

We also need to know all relations of the business owner because those wages may not be available for the credit.

Contact us today to see how much your company may qualify to receive through the Employee Retention Credit.

Find out how much your company may qualify to receive through the Employee Retention Credit


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