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Written by Steve Arnold

November 6, 2018

Here’s how to make shortcuts for your QuickBooks navigation quick, easy, and best of all, personalized.

On the far left of your screen is the shortcut menu. If you’ve minimized it, it’s the strip (still on the far left of your screen) that says, “My Shortcuts.” You can open this back up with the arrow at the top.

This shortcut bar provides one-click access to many of the functions of QuickBooks. Need the Customer Center? Click “Customers.” Vendor Center? Click “Vendors.” Want to see how your business is doing? Click “Snapshots.” You can already see the time savings start to add up. But it’s true that beauty lies even deeper than that. The shortcuts as you see them can be personalized.

At the bottom of the “My Shortcuts” section, there is a link called “Customize Shortcuts” that you can click on. Alternately, if you right-click inside the box, you can get the “Customize Shortcuts” option to open in a popup link. When you click on this, the content of the shortcut bar becomes the canvas that you paint. You can move the shortcuts to whatever order you want by clicking and dragging. If you decide you won’t use a particular shortcut, you can delete it from the bar. If you have a particular function of QuickBooks that you use that is not listed on these shortcuts, you can click “Add…” and a number of additional potential shortcuts will be listed. Simply click the function you want, click any corresponding icon you want to represent it, name it what you want, and hit “OK.” You now have a personalized shortcut in the window. You can move the location of this shortcut up on the list just like any others.

Between setting up your options in the order you would use them, adding the shortcuts that you use and removing those that you don’t, your new personalized menu will be what you want to help save you time and make your work that much easier.

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Steve Arnold
I joined the Winona, MN, office of Hawkins Ash CPAs in 2017 and have more than 15 years of accounting experience. I am a tax supervisor, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Enrolled Agent (EA) and Certified QuickBooks Online ProAdvisor.

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